Paperless Delivery Options

Now that you use Document Vault to access letters, your Link Password Owner may turn off delivery of paper copies in the mail. The Paperless Delivery Options tool can send daily or weekly email notifications to alert you to new letters that have been added to your Document Vault.

With our flexible delivery options, you decide when and where the emails are sent for each type of letter. Learn more with the Interactive Guide for Going Paperless or watch a short video tutorial.

This tool is only available to Link Password Owners

How to find your Link password owner.

For more information about letters found in Document Vault, go to the Document Vault section.

We know paperless delivery may cause a change in your current processes. Learn about best practices  we’ve learned from working with other care providers.

Go Paperless: Good for the Planet. Good for You. 

We want to do our part to protect the environment and we'd like your help. Learn more.