EDI 278N: Hospital Admission Notification

Use the Hospital Admission Notification (278N) transaction to exchange admission notification data between an inpatient facility and UnitedHealthcare in a standard format.

Similar to the HIPAA 278 transaction that you may already use to submit authorizations or referrals, the EDI 278N is the easiest, most efficient way to communicate facility admissions. It can be transmitted directly to UnitedHealthcare or through a clearinghouse in either batch or real-time format.


On average, hospitals that have implemented EDI 278N have experienced a 15 percent improvement in providing notifications within 24 hours.1

With the EDI 278N you can also:

  • Streamline administrative tasks and increase productivity
  • Reduce administrative costs through automation
  • Increase data accuracy by reducing manual errors
  • Accomplish more with less ‒ fewer phone calls, faxes or keying

Getting Started

For more information, please contact our 278 team at 888-804-0663 or 278n@uhc.com. You can also contact your vendor or clearinghouse. Most clearinghouses already send 278N transactions to UnitedHealthcare and can work with you to submit notifications in the appropriate format.

You can also refer to our Companion Guide page for more information.

Helpful Resources

1 Comparison of average timeliness for participating UnitedHealthcare inpatient facilities from April 2014 to June 2014.