Provider Forms, Resources and References

See the items below to stay up-to-date with forms, reference guides and other items that are important to your practice. 

Appeals and Greivances - Appointment of Representative Form

The member can choose to have a representative help them with their appeal. This form allows the member to name the person who will be their representative. The top part of the form needs to be filled out by the member. If the member is not able to fill it out, their representative may fill it out for them. 

Maternity Support Guide

UnitedHealthcare Community plan offers an overview of helpful information and resources that you can reference when providing preconception, prenatal, postpartum and family planning care for your patients who are UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina members. 

North Carolina Medicaid Provider Agreement and Regulatory Appendix

The following contract documents are provided for illustrative purposes only and cannot be printed and signed. Please contact our North Carolina Medicaid contracting team at for a contract specific to your medical practice. 

For Chiropractors, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists , Speech therapists and Speech language pathologists, please contact or call 888-626-1701.

For Behavioral Health contract inquires please call 877-614-0484.

North Carolina Medicaid Physician Contract 

North Carolina Medicaid Regulatory Appendix