Massachusetts Senior Care Options

As part of a UnitedHealthcare Senior Care Options (HMO SNP) plan, each member has access to an Interdisciplinary Care Team. The Care Team includes the member and the care providers, plus the member’s caregivers, case manager, geriatric support service and coordinator and community health workers.

The care plan is shared with team members using multiple modalities, including fax, email, mail, the provider portal and Community Care. Community Care is a web-based health care management system that helps improve collaboration among individuals on a member’s care team.

UnitedHealthcare Senior Care Options health maintenance organization (HMO) has formed a network of doctors, specialists, community health centers and hospitals. Members can only use doctors who are part of the network.

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Reminder for Special Needs Plan Providers

UnitedHealthcare provides Special Needs Plan (SNP) care providers access to SNP beneficiaries' Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and Individualized Care Plans (ICPs) in a variety of ways including mailing, faxing, uploading to the Provider Portal or placing Individualized Care Plans in the SNP beneficiary's physical and/or electronic chart.

Care providers should be reviewing the SNP beneficiary's Individualized Care Plans and participating with the SNP Interdisciplinary Care Team to coordinate the beneficiary's care. Special Needs Plan care providers can register online at to begin accessing and reviewing SNP beneficiary Individualized Care Plans via the Care Conductor Tool on Link.