Preferred Lab Network

  • The UnitedHealthcare Preferred Lab Network launches July 1, 2019.
  • Preferred Lab Network providers are available to all UnitedHealthcare members and will be labeled in the care provider directory.
  • The Preferred Lab Network won’t change a member’s access to labs or lab services.
  • Members continue to have access to labs that are part of our extensive lab network even if they are not part of the Preferred Lab Network.
  • Members using the Preferred Lab Network may:
    • Have lower out-of-pocket costs*
    • Experience better service, shorter wait times and a higher quality of care Have access to test results quicker and schedule appointments on line
  • Care providers referring members to labs in the Preferred Lab Network:
    • Won’t need to do anything differently
    • Can order tests electronically
    • Will have access to physician-to-lab medical director consultation to support patient care
    • May see higher quality and quicker turnaround times on test results

Preferred Lab Network

The Preferred Lab Network will feature currently contracted independent, free-standing laboratory care providers that have met higher standards for access, cost, data, quality and service. We will work with these distinguished labs to continue our efforts to improve the care provider and member experience.

There is no change in lab access for members or care providers. Members can still use a lab in UnitedHealthcare’s extensive network of over 300 labs, even if that lab isn’t in the Preferred Lab Network. However, choosing a lab in the Preferred Lab Network may let the member schedule patient service center appointments online and may lead to shorter wait times for services, higher quality of care and lower cost.

What is the Preferred Lab Network?

The UnitedHealthcare Preferred Lab Network is an advanced way to work with selected lab providers to deliver value-based care. Participating labs will offer physicians and patients improved quality, access and service at lower cost.* We selected Preferred Lab Network care providers based on a rigorous review process. Physicians and members may continue to use.

The providers selected to be part of the Preferred Lab Network beginning on July 1, 2019, are:

Requesting services from labs in the Preferred Lab Network

We expect physicians who refer to labs in the PLN to notice prompt turn-around times for lab results, ease-of-use when ordering labs electronically as well as easy access to physician-to-lab medical director consultations to support patient care. They will not need to do anything different to access services from these providers. Preferred Lab Network labs will be labeled in our care provider directories.

Preferred Lab Network labs will perform covered tests. However, available services may vary by lab. The lab’s Preferred Lab Network directory listing will include the type of testing available. The lab’s website will also list the type of tests performed and their locations.

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*As applicable, costs may vary based on the member’s health care plan.

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