Claims Reconsiderations and Appeals - 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Claim Reconsideration

Please refer to Claim Reconsideration, Appeals Process and Resolving Disputes section located in Chapter 9: Our Claims Process for detailed information about the reconsideration process. 

Your documentation should clearly explain the nature of the review request.

If you are unable to use the online reconsideration and appeals process outlined in Chapter 9: Our Claims Process, mail or fax appeal forms to:

UnitedHealthcare Appeals
P.O. Box 30432
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0432
Fax: 801-938-2100

You have one year from the date of occurrence to file an appeal with the NHP. You will receive a decision in writing, within 60 calendar days from the date we receive your appeal.

If you have a question about a pre-service appeal, please see the section on Pre-Service Appeals section in Chapter 6: Medical Management.