• Applicable to all states except NC

Referrals, Mid-Atlantic Supplement - 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide


For referral process information, check the Mid-Atlantic Health Plan Referral Protocol located on UHCprovider.com/plans > Choose Your State > Commercial Plans > Mid-Atlantic Health Plan > Referral Protocol for M.D.IPA, M.D.IPA Preferred, Optimum Choice, and Optimum Choice Preferred for:

  • Referral submission requirements
  • Maximum number of referral visits
  • Exceptions for specific specialists or treatments

Referrals are not required when M.D. IPA or Optimum Choice is the secondary carrier.

Find forms and specific referral processes for some treatments on UHCprovider.com/plans > Choose Your State > Commercial Plans > Mid-Atlantic Health Plan. The referral form is hyperlinked within the protocol titled ‘Referral Protocol for M.D.IPA, M.D.IPA Preferred, Optimum Choice and Optimum Choice Preferred’.