Demographic Changes - Chapter 2, 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Demographic Changes

Physician / Health Care Professional Verification Outreach

We are committed to providing our members with the most accurate and up-to-date information about our network. We are currently undertaking an initiative to improve our data quality. This initiative is called Professional Verification Outreach (PVO).

Your office may receive a call from us asking to verify your data currently on file in our provider database. This information is confidential and updated immediately in our database.

Using My Practice Profile for Demographic Changes

If you've received the upgraded My Practice Profile and have editing rights, you can access Link’s My Practice Profile tool to make many of the updates required in this section. Facilities can use the UnitedHealthcare Facility Demographic Updates tool. For more information, go to


Provide Official Notice

Notify us, at the address in your Agreement, within 10 calendar days if any of the following situations occur:

  • Material changes to, cancellation or termination of liability insurance.
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency.
  • Any indictment, arrest or conviction for a felony or any criminal charge related to your practice or profession.
  • Any suspension, exclusion, debarment or other sanction from a state or federally funded health care program.
  • Loss, suspension, restriction, condition, limitation, or qualification of your license to practice. For physicians, any loss, suspension, restriction, condition, limitation or qualification of staff privileges at any licensed hospital, nursing home, or other facility.
  • Relocation or closure of your practice, and, if applicable, transfer of member records to another physician/facility. 
  • External sanctions or corrective actions levied against you by a government entity.

Provide Timely Notice of Demographic Changes

Primary Care Physicians

As a PCP, you are responsible for monitoring your office capacity based on member assignments and for notifying us if you have reached your maximum capacity. A self-reporting tool is available for you to generate a PCP panel roster report using

We have developed specific definitions for open, closed or existing-only practices to promote consistency throughout the care provider network related to acceptance of new or transferring members. For purposes of this section, a new member may be a member who has switched health plans and/or coverage plans, such as a member who switches from a Fee-For-Service (FFS) plan to a Commercial HMO/MCO plan.

Follow these definitions:

  • Open status - the PCP’s practice is open to additional new members and transferring members.
  • Closed status - the PCP’s practice is closed to all new members and transferring members.
  • Existing only status - the PCP’s practice is only open to new or transferring members who have an established chart with the care provider’s office.

Notification of Changes Must be Proactive

Every quarter, you, or an entity delegated to handle credentialing activities on behalf of us (a “delegate”), are expected to review, update and attest to the care provider information available to our members. If you or the delegate cannot attest to the information, correct it online or through the Provider Service Center.

You or the delegate must tell us of  changes to the information at least 30 calendar days before the change is effective. This includes adding new information and removing outdated information, as well as updating the information listed in the following paragraph.

Delegates are responsible for notifying us of these changes for all of the participating care providers credentialed by the delegate. If you or a delegate fails to (1) update records, or (2) give 30 days prior notice of changes, or (3) attest to the information, you, or the participating care providers credentialed by the delegate, may be subject to penalties. 

Penalties may include a delay of processing claims or the denial of claims payment, until the records are reviewed and attested to or updated.

You and the delegates are required to update all care provider information, such as:

  • Patient acceptance status
  • Address(es) of practice location(s)
  • Office phone number(s)
  • Email address(es)
  • Care provider groups affiliation
  • Facility affiliation
  • Specialty
  • License(s)
  • Tax identification number
  • NPI(s)
  • Languages spoken/written by staff
  • Ages/genders served
  • Office hours

If a health care provider leaves your practice, notify us immediately. This gives us time to notify impacted members.

When you submit demographic updates, list only those addresses where a member may make an appointment and see the care provider. On-call and substitute care providers who are not regularly available to provide covered services at an office or practice location should not be listed at that address.

California Commercial: The penalties do not apply to benefit plans issued or administered by UnitedHealthcare Benefit Plans of California.

To Change Panel Status (Open/Closed/Existing-Only)

If you wish to change your panel status (i.e., open to new patients, open to existing patients only, or closed), the request must be made in writing 30 days in advance. Changes to panel status applies to all patients for an LOB and products for which a care provider is participating. If you feel that exceptional circumstances exist, you may request to have a different panel status for a line of business or product. The exception must be included in the written request and approval is at our discretion. We may notify you in writing of changes in our panel status including closures based on state and/or federal requirements, current market dynamics and patient quality indicators. Access the MyPracticeProfile tool on Link from to update your information.

To Change an Existing TIN or to Add a Physician or Health Care Provider

To submit the change, please complete and email the Provider Demographic Change Form to the appropriate email address listed on the form.

The Provider Demographic Change Form is available on

You can also submit detailed information about the change and the effective date of the change on your office letterhead. Send it to us using the fax number on the bottom of the demographic change request form.

To Update Your Practice or Facility Information

You can make updates to your practice information by: 

  1. Link and using the My Practice Profile tool for providers; UnitedHealthcare Facility Demographic Updates form for facilities.
  2. Emailing the completed Provider Demographic Change form to the appropriate email address listed on the bottom of the form; or 
  3. Calling our Enterprise Voice Portal at 877-842-3210.

Demographic Changes for Medica Healthcare & Preferred Care Partners

Medica Healthcare and Preferred Care Partners must contact their Network Management Department in order to make demographic changes. Contact Network Management by email at or call 877-407-9069.

Changes should not be made in Link.