Verifying Eligibility and Effective Dates, Capitation and/or Delegation - 2020 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Verifying Eligibility and Effective Dates

For information on ways to verify eligibility, please refer to ‘Verifying Eligibility, Benefits, and Your Network Participation Status’ in Chapter 2: Provider Responsibilities and Standards. This helps ensure you:

  • Submit the claim to the correct payer.
  • Collect copayments.
  • Determine if a referral, prior authorization or notification is required.
  • Reduce denials for non-coverage.

We can provide you with daily and/or monthly member eligibility information using an electronic file. You must coordinate initiation of electronic eligibility files with your software vendor and us. Advantages of receiving electronic eligibility are:

  • Lower cost and effort required to maintain eligibility manually.
  • Faster updates loaded into your system.

Refer to ASC X12 Technical Report Type 3/ Companion Guides for more information. Or ask your provider advocate.