Demographics and Profiles

The accuracy of care provider demographic and practice data can play an important part in the success of a medical practice. It can help connect you with members searching for a care provider, and it supports claims processing and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The upgraded My Practice Profile tool is a simple way to update the care provider and practice information UnitedHealthcare has listed for your practice. We can process the changes you request through the My Practice Profile tool faster than by any other means.

The upgraded tool will also allow you to complete your required quarterly attestation to the accuracy of your demographic information.

Looking to Update Your Facility or Practice Profile Information?

These resources will help: 

If you're an individual care provider or in a physician practice, and have access to My Practice Profile, please make your demographic updates here for optimal service.

Use the Facility/Practice Profile tool only to make facility updates or if you do not yet have access to My Practice Profile. Not sure if you have access? Sign in to Link and click on the My Practice Profile tile. If you see "Welcome to My Practice Profile", you have access.

No Access to My Practice Profile or Practice/Facility Profile Tools?

These resources can be used by providers that do not yet have access to My Practice Profile:

Learn More About Demographic Changes in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Administrative Guide

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